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Uncover insights for your health. Our state-of-the-art laboratory offers accurate and efficient diagnostic testing. With advanced technology and a dedicated team of professionals, we provide precise results to support your healthcare needs, ensuring confidence and peace of mind.

At our Laboratory department, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic services that focus on your individual needs. Our experienced team of laboratory specialists utilizes the latest advancements in technology and testing methods to ensure accurate results and timely diagnosis. Whether you require routine screenings or specialized tests, we are here to provide you with the vital information necessary for effective healthcare management.

Laboratory Services

Blood Tests

Comprehensive blood tests to assess various health parameters, including cholesterol levels, blood cell counts, and organ function.

Microbiology Tests

Identification and characterization of microorganisms to guide appropriate treatment for infectious diseases.

Hormone Testing

Evaluation of hormone levels to diagnose endocrine disorders and monitor hormonal imbalances.

Pathology Services

Expert analysis of tissue and fluid samples to diagnose and monitor diseases, such as cancer and infections.

Genetic Testing

Assessment of genetic predispositions, inherited conditions, and personalized medicine recommendations.